Tips and Tricks

Solutionist 2 has a unique design: Its best to watch a 2 min demo video first.

3 Ways to Calculate

1.Type Calculations with Numerals

2. Type Formulas with Symbols

3. Note down numbers for later use.

Type a number and tap enter to create an input field.

Type an unused Symbol and tap enter to create an input field.

When typing a formula: Tap Enter to automate.

Tap Link to refer previous fields in calculations.

Tap on the right of an input field to edit the number. Double tap on the right of an output field to edit the formula.

Tap on the left of any field to add description and lot more field properties.

Swipe left on any field to delete it

Smart Delete

When you delete a calculated output field, its formula is inserted into all the calculations that refer to it. This is done so that users can type in calculations and delete fields without messing up the automation.

See the example in topic: Build large formulas.

Build Large Formulas

Take a formula like this:

(a + b) * (c + d) / (e + f)

You can type in smaller segments, one at a time.

1 + 2 Or a + b —> x

c + d —> y

e + f —> z

Then you can refer these outputs to build the final formula.

x * y / z

Thanks to “Smart Delete”, you can delete the 3 intermediate steps and the final formula would be:

(a + b) * (c + d) / (e + f)

And voila, you have built the original formula, while working on smaller logical segments, and you did not even manually type a single bracket. Unless you have a formula memorized, this is just a more intuitive way to work on large calculations.

Note to RPN users: Solutionist 2 does not have an RPN mode, but the workflows just described are aimed to improve on the primary reasons to prefer an RPN calculator. Plus, you’ve automated the whole thing along the way. Try it out and let us know.

Input Generation Mode

This is an app wide setting that can be accessed from the settings page of every sheet or the home folder.

Numbers and Symbols

n x (n + 1) / 2 will generate 3 fields for n, 1 and 2

Symbols Only

n x (n+1) / 2 will generate 1 field for n. You can use this mode to also do numeric calculations without generating input fields.